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Date: Tue 22 Feb 2005 - 22:54:23 GMT

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    At 10:24 AM 22/02/05 -0500, BB wrote:
    >on 2/21/05 6:40 AM, Scott Chase at wrote:
    > > Heavy metal gets me amped up too. Music is a good
    > > place to study what memeticists study (is Benzon in
    > > the house?).
    >Still lurking. Still skeptical about memebots jumping from brain to brain.

    Sorry to be such a terminology freak, but that's not standard usage.

    A memebot would be someone taken by a meme to a lesser extent than a memeoid, where typical memeoid would be a suicide bomber.

    Re *memes* jumping from mind to mind, if you know how to tie your shoes and
    *didn't* figure it out shoe tying entirely on your own without even a tied shoe as an example then the information of how to tie a shoelace made it from some other mind, directly or indirectly to your mind.

    If you don't like Dawkin's term, "element of culture," "replicating information pattern" or any similar term has essentially the same meaning.

    Keith Henson

    PS. Off the first page of Google:

    memebot. "A person whose entire life has become subordinated to the propagation of a meme, robotically and at any opportunity. ...

    Also try memeoid in Google.

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