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Date: Mon 21 Feb 2005 - 12:17:53 GMT

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    > Do Brits find the idea of iced tea repulsive?

    Fundamentally, yes. And I've tried making a cuppa with those Lipton's bags meant (blended, in fact) for iced tea (out of desperation, in a Marriott in Washington). Bad idea.

    We in the UK fairly recently received the benefit of some hidden persuaders' attentions, to get us drinking iced tea from bottles; the ad portrayed a borderline madman, as evidenced by his flamboyant exhibition of a number of 'embarassing' things -- a mullet that presented a hazard to air traffic, lots of other embarrassing stuff that I'm struggling to recall (anyway the guy is completely unaware, is some way down the Asperger's spectrum, or just doesn't care). But he also drinks iced tea
    (and goddamn loves it, in fact the implication is that the index case of his throwing off the chains of social bondage was his first purchase of Litons Iced Tea in a bottle [with no ice]); the heavily underlined point being of course that some good could come of your not caring so much what others think (i.e. that you must be criminally insane to drink tea that has 'gone cold', because you'll be killed by a mob).

    And you can't move for iced coffee too now. All bets are off really -- we've moved on from iced tea now to tea-containing cold (soft) drinks
    (like blueberry welders armpit and stalk-eyed fly [and a token bit of tea]). On the upside, as the posh drink outlets determine that our horizons have broadened, we now have the prospect of the widely available chai latte. Mmmm chai spice -- those Indians know a thing or two about how to drink tea :)

    Cheers, Chris.

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