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Date: Mon 21 Feb 2005 - 11:40:19 GMT

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    > On Sunday 20 February 2005 08:04, Scott Chase wrote:
    > > I'm always a little hesitant about trying new
    > things,
    > > but if it's available in the US maybe it's not so
    > bad.
    > <snip>
    > > A Brazilian tangent: I'm on a big Soulfly binge.
    > Heavy
    > > metal is big in Brazil, though not as much so as
    > > soccer.
    > <snip>
    > >
    > > The Canadian band Rush managed to draw some crowds
    > > when part of their tour several years ago extended
    > > into Brazil. There's a Rush mailing list run by an
    > > Argentinian and includes Brazilian members too.
    > The
    > > Great White North has made cultural inroads within
    > the
    > > Southern Cone.
    > >
    > How about having some mate while listening to
    > Soulfly? Contrary to another
    > post that said mate is relatively mild, I've found
    > it very high in caffeine.
    > And Soulfly is very high in aural stimulation--you
    > might get some interesting
    > positive feedback going <grin> I've found both mate
    > and Soulfly too intense
    > for my old age . . .
    Maybe the strength of the mate is related to the infusion. My morning cup of coffee is rather strong and gets me good and amped for the day. I could make it weaker if I wanted. I wonder if mate varis due to the way its prepared.

    Heavy metal gets me amped up too. Music is a good place to study what memeticists study (is Benzon in the house?). Like coffee drinking there are trends with heavy metal and other forms of music. We have seen blending between heavy metal and hiphop going back to the Run DMC/Aerosmith and Public Enemy/Anthrax days. If you get caught in a mosh at a heavy metal concert you will be rudely introduced to a behavior commonly associated with heavy metal and (I think) punk. Heavy metal drumming is known for liberal use of double bass. Some metal guitarists were big on classical style especially in the 80's. The 80's gave us "big hair" (see Bon Jovi et al) and acid washed denim. We can go back to innovators like Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin to see precursors to modern heavy metal. The heavy sound might tap into some primal rage module from the EEA days. I dunno.

    Too much caffeine and Soulfly might send me on one of those Cornholio tirades for which Beavis was infamous. See below.
    > Is a beverage like mate (like tea, like coffee, etc)
    > a meme or is its use a
    > meme? It's role in the society where it is used? (as
    > with coffee's close
    > association with sociability in US society?
    Nadine had commented on her observations of coffee usage in Seattle. It's at least trendy, given the coffee houses and the spread of different varieties of coffee drinks. At one point somebody somewhere started drinking coffee and that idea/behavior spread to more people. It was a contagion at some point in the past which...ummm...gained a head of steam. People learn it when they grow up in their coffee drinking social group. I learned to drink mine black without sugar from my dad. Other people prefer sugar, cream, flavorings etc. Also, when I visited relatives in New England I picked up on the practice of drinking iced coffee. Iced tea is a common thing south of the Mason Dixon line where I think you traditionally see iced coffee in the US northeast. Nowadays the spread of coffee shops may have made iced coffee drinking more common everywhere. Do Brits find the idea of iced tea repulsive?

    With coffee and tea preferences we see variation on a theme and the coffee houses have *capitalized* on these variations offering an array of choices on their menu.

    I've never been to one, but I get the impression that some coffee places have avante garde poetry reading and such. My experience with this comes from an episode of (cringe) Beavis & Butthead where Beavis transforms into Cornholio after drinking a pot of coffee.

    Beyond its being an/a idea/behavior that has spread through society, coffee usage has physiological effects that cannot be ignored and maybe people get somewhat dependent on its peppy effects or addicted to it. I usually limit myself to early morning cup (s) of coffee and never ddrink it after 5pm or so if I need to get to sleep by 11pm. Coffee seems to cause insomnia. In my universiy days I lived on the stuff as its a marginal substitute for sleep.

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