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    That's the one in Ricky Gervais' (earlier) stand up routine...

    Peter Baker wrote:
    > In message <200502192353.XAA22083@localhost.localdomain>,
    > writes
    >> correlates with those rats in cage experiments where they kept on
    >> adding rats, and all sorts of problems broke out - including iirc a
    >> rise in homosexuality
    > Since when was homosexuality 'a problem'?!
    > May I suggest you read 'Biological Exhuberance' by Bruce Bagemihl,
    > Profile Books 1999, in which he documents, from the scientific
    > literature, homosexual behaviour as a natural part of the range of
    > sexual expression in over 450 species, including most mammals. Should
    > help you clear that cobweb out of your attic...

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