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Date: Sun 20 Feb 2005 - 19:41:30 GMT

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    On Sunday 20 February 2005 08:04, Scott Chase wrote:
    > I'm always a little hesitant about trying new things,
    > but if it's available in the US maybe it's not so bad.
    > A Brazilian tangent: I'm on a big Soulfly binge. Heavy
    > metal is big in Brazil, though not as much so as
    > soccer.
    > The Canadian band Rush managed to draw some crowds
    > when part of their tour several years ago extended
    > into Brazil. There's a Rush mailing list run by an
    > Argentinian and includes Brazilian members too. The
    > Great White North has made cultural inroads within the
    > Southern Cone.

    How about having some mate while listening to Soulfly? Contrary to another post that said mate is relatively mild, I've found it very high in caffeine. And Soulfly is very high in aural stimulation--you might get some interesting positive feedback going <grin> I've found both mate and Soulfly too intense for my old age . . .

    Is a beverage like mate (like tea, like coffee, etc) a meme or is its use a meme? It's role in the society where it is used? (as with coffee's close association with sociability in US society?


    Gene Doty
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