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    > Mate (pronounced Mah-teh) is sold in a few
    > coffeeshops here in Seattle.
    > It's very interesting that i only learned about it
    > tonight - and come
    > home to read about it too. Apparently it has a
    > milder & less jittery
    > stimulatory effect than coffee or black tea, but
    > also contains as many
    > antioxidants as green tea. As a tea drinker and
    > coffee-hater, i am
    > intrigued and will try it soon.
    > We just moved to Seattle a few months ago and
    > "normally" I wouldn't
    > consider coffee-drinking (much of) a meme, but it's
    > such a lifestyle
    > here.
    > I don't just mean visiting coffeeshops as one does
    > in europe for the odd
    > expresso/cappuccino - but there are _drive-through_
    > coffee shacks all
    > over the place - as well as the starbucks and
    > tully's on every corner.
    I'm always a little hesitant about trying new things, but if it's available in the US maybe it's not so bad. I've got an open invitation to visit the Sao Paulo area of Brazil when I can amass the funds and I think mate is big there too. I better learn some Portuguese first. If I'm down there, maybe I'll try making a trip to Buenos Aires too.

    A Brazilian tangent: I'm on a big Soulfly binge. Heavy metal is big in Brazil, though not as much so as soccer. Soulfly is a Brazilian band fronted by the ex singer of Brazilian heavy metalists Sepultura. It's cool how Soulfly incorporates some Brazilian musical threads and meshes them with heavy metal thrashing. Yet another example of how ideas flow through and across cultures and nations. Soulfly is socially conscious too, drawing upon the rage of conditions in Brazil. If I knew some Brazilian Portuguese I might be able to follow it better. All I can understand is

    The Canadian band Rush managed to draw some crowds when part of their tour several years ago extended into Brazil. There's a Rush mailing list run by an Argentinian and includes Brazilian members too. The Great White North has made cultural inroads within the Southern Cone.

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