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Date: Sun 20 Feb 2005 - 10:01:32 GMT

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    Mate (pronounced Mah-teh) is sold in a few coffeeshops here in Seattle. It's very interesting that i only learned about it tonight - and come home to read about it too. Apparently it has a milder & less jittery stimulatory effect than coffee or black tea, but also contains as many antioxidants as green tea. As a tea drinker and coffee-hater, i am intrigued and will try it soon.

    We just moved to Seattle a few months ago and "normally" I wouldn't consider coffee-drinking (much of) a meme, but it's such a lifestyle here. I don't just mean visiting coffeeshops as one does in europe for the odd expresso/cappuccino - but there are _drive-through_ coffee shacks all over the place - as well as the starbucks and tully's on every corner.

    Nadine Buchholz

    > Another sidelight, I recall yerba mate bing consumed
    > during the movie "Motorcycle Diaries". This drink is
    > big in South America especially Argentina. It's made
    > from a species of *Ilex* plant. What I find
    > fascinating is that the Seminoles in Florida used to
    > drink something called the "black drink" from another
    > species of *Ilex* that I recall was known for its
    > emetic qualities. The species name is *Ilex vomitoria*
    > if that gives you any clue. The yerba mate drink isn't
    > known for making you toss your cookies I'm pretty
    > sure. One of my friends who travels South America
    > quite often said its rather mild. There's some basic
    > paraphernalia that are involved with yerba mate
    > drinking too. It's not like drinking a cup of tea *per
    > se*.
    > It's interesting how two species of *Ilex* have been
    > used to make drinks in the New World, from an
    > ethnobotanical perspective. Should memeticists study
    > some ethnobotany to get ideas on how behaviors have
    > spread through cultures? With the Seminole black drink
    > we might develop a memetics of emetics ;-)

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