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From: Douglas Brooker (
Date: Sun 20 Feb 2005 - 10:40:31 GMT

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    Scott Chase wrote:

    >Che merchandise is out there. Go to your local mall
    >and if you find a store with Che icon t-shirts, ask
    >the person (teenager?) buying the shirt if they know
    >who Che was or what happened in Bolivia. Wearing the
    >Che icon might be trendy in some contexts, but
    >politically incorrect in the midst of Cuban Americans
    >in Little Havana in Miami.
    Yesterday I saw a doormat with "the" classic image of Che on it. It was the kind of doormat with heavy brown natural bristles, the kind you wipe your feet on when coming from a muddy or snowy street.

    It was in a part of London known to be left wing, but the idea of the image on the doormat is ambiguous.

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