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Date: Fri 18 Feb 2005 - 22:52:47 GMT

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    At 11:00 AM 18/02/05 +0000, Chris wrote:


    > Btw did you ever look at getting sponsored to go to a higher court?

    Sorry, I don't know what "sponsored" would mean in this sentence. If you mean the ACLU, call them up and ask them if they would take a scientology related case. (The answer is no.)

    >Surely the supreme court in California can't be as whacked out as the
    >(_presumably..._) indentured fool that presided over your case?

    The judge in my case is dead. The main scientology witness against me is locked up in their horrible punishment program called the RPF for his part in the death of one of the two women I was protesting about. The Deputy DA that prosecuted my case is hiding out in Idaho with his only contact being a post office box.

    >And ffs Arnie should be handy for once, assuming his 'centrist'
    >Republicanism still allows him to slam religious tolerance (of, say,
    >islamism)? Oh no hang on I forgot they're rich. I can't believe in this
    >day and age we still have trial by ordeal (but of course with the ordeal
    >being suffered by the wallet rather than the constitution).

    "Arnie" has been asked if he would consider a pardon for me by at least a dozen people. Not a single letter was answered.

    Fortunately the Internet is slowly taking them down. I didn't look today, but typically half of the top 10 Google sites for scientology are critical of them.

    Cults are of course on topic here since memes (and human vulnerability to them) are the reason cults exist at all.

    But I sure can't recommend my approach as a motivator to figure this out.

    Keith Henson

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