Jared Diamond's Collapse

From: Keith Henson (hkhenson@rogers.com)
Date: Tue 15 Feb 2005 - 04:04:26 GMT

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    As most of you are well aware, I have been talking about how bleak future prospects translate through xenophobic memes into wars.

    I finished a 20 page article on the subject just before I read Diamonds new book _Collapse_.

    Choice quote from page 516 (after a discussion of the same list of countries that have serious environmental and serious social problems):

    "Today, just as in the past, countries that are environmentally stressed, overpopulated, or both become at risk of getting politically stressed, and of their governments collapsing. When people are desperate, undernourished, and without hope, they blame their governments, which they see as responsible for or unable to solve their problems. They try to emigrate at any cost. They fight each other over land. They kill each other. They start civil wars. They figure that they have nothing to lose, so they become terrorists, or they support or tolerate terrorism."

    Definitely worth reading, though I obviously think he could have gone further into evolutionary psychology.

    Keith Henson

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