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    << In charge of the Wall Street Journal a survey has been conducted in order to find out more about religious and ethical issues in Europe/ US and Russia. Out of the result we may conclude that the fear for the Islam is wide- spread amongst youngsters, employees and the upper high class. But what is striking is that there seems to be a connection between the fear for the Islam and the extent of religiousness.

    " The most disapproving countries ( like Belgium, Switserland and Denmark) are also those where the most non- religiously and not- church goers live. "

    Has this got to do with what is inwritten within religion itself !? Christianity claims that tolerance/ solidarity and brotherhood are the key stones, and thus transponed to our troubled times_ are we in a sense too tolerant, because the religious underbias of our society made us who we are !? Would we be more tolerant towards what Islam claims if we were ourselves more religious !? Atheists and non- believers seem to be the real harm for getting us to a peaceful society_ do we have more time, more meme- space to think things through, aren 't we blinded by what Christiniaty says and thus do we have a broader perspective of what is really said within Islam !? If this is so, and in the sense that we would be more tolerant if we were more religious, than my conclusion is ferm, STOP religion all together, it would silence us all...

    On the other hand, can we say that the kind of politics of the US
    ( we do it all for freedom and democracy) is yet another line of this proces:- the extent of religious thought is deeper, wider, more pro- gressive within than it is in Europe. The conclusion would than be, that the US should be more wide- spread more intolerant, and at first glance, I would say it isn 't. But we must count in the (f)actor of freedom_ the first amandemt !?_ which is in all its respect religiously inspired.

    For their creed of faith Ireland became to small, the more progressive believers left and were the first to founder America. The extent of " freedom" and in what of any context used is huge... So, yes thus the US is intolerant, but only and because if its freedom is jeapardized. And the sneak attack came from the corner of the Islam...



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