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Date: Wed 15 Dec 2004 - 14:18:58 GMT

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    << How would a memetic perspective about reality be possible if the reality won 't lend itself to a memetic point of view in the first place !?

    This perspective is and was not completely memetic in the past, nor is it entirely nowadays. The answer is simple:- this perspective chooses within the reality of today or of yesterday just that what prepares and serves the perfect state of and for its own future.

    This perspective acts against and condemns on the one hand those things that are within reality not memetic, and jubilates the things that are memetic or will be. We get, and that is unevitable a selection- and cultural evolution; good and bad characteristics are part of what should be a human/ culture/ tradition and at the same time these stand so far from the complex and lively reality wherein memes move around.

    Finally this perspective results into the exclusion/ death/ non- selectivity of atleast the half of human reality. >>

    Kenneth Van Oost

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