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Date: Mon 13 Dec 2004 - 11:35:51 GMT

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    Personally I don't know what to make of the theory -- apparently LHers arise more frequently after prenatal ultrasound I once heard (never seen that reliably though, and unlikely to be an effect for our forebears). It's certainly worth burning a few calories to consider though.

    One thing I will add is that in sieges, fighting in spiral stairwells in towers, the spirals descend anti-clockwise (er...) to favour RH defenders over RH attackers (assumed to be coming from below of course). Sinistrelles rock in those situations...

    Cheers, Chris.

    Van oost Kenneth wrote:
    > << Alexander The Great was one, Billy The Kid and John McEnroe were others.
    > Scientists now think how to explain why people use their left- hand and
    > it all got
    > to do with winning a fight.
    > About 10% use their left- hand to do things instead of using their right
    > one.
    > For biologists it was for many years unknown why such an important minority
    > was getting born. It is known however that left- handed people get worse
    > health-
    > problems and are involved in more serious accidents than right- handed ones.
    > Because these people are for the rest totally identical, you should
    > except that
    > for the greater part of the story the genetic defined left- handiness
    > should had
    > died out.
    > So, there must be a hidden reason that contradicts the risks of being left-
    > handed all together, but biologists weren 't able untill now to find it.
    > In times that troubles were settled with our bare hands, left- handed people
    > got the advantage of the surprise/ sneak attack. That advantage could only
    > stay in existence if left- handed people stayed a minority, otherwise right-
    > handed ones could easily adapt themselves fighting left- handed adversaries.
    > Investigators of the University of Montpellier have now found strong
    > arguments
    > for this controversial idea.
    > They are convinced that the extent of /violence /within a pre-
    > industrial society
    > plays a role in how high the number of left- handed people will be.
    > Charlotte Faurie and Michel Raymond discovered that with the rising of
    > violent
    > agression within a society the number of left- handed people increased.
    > Faurie:- " We discovered a direct relation between the extent of violence
    > within a certain society and the number of left- handed people. That points
    > to the fact that fighting is an important selectioncriteria for the
    > evolution of
    > left- handiness. "
    > They admitted however that the numbers of manslaughter, wherein also the
    > number of executions and gangkillings were included, wasn 't a very reliable
    > standard for the number of man- to- man combats, but it was the best
    > they got.
    > " The result is a strong argument for the fight hypothesis. But in
    > general it
    > points to the importance of violence in the evolution of left- and
    > right- handiness."
    > It is proven that left- handiness is an advantage in sports like tennis,
    > cricket,
    > boxing or baseball, whereby there is a direct confrontation between 2 adver-
    > saries. By other sports, like gymnastics there is no advantage in being
    > left-
    > or right- handed.
    > Faurie and Raymond believe that confrontationsports like judo and karate do
    > alike violent man- to- man combats.
    > " Interactive sports in Western society are special forms of combat,
    > with strong
    > and severe ruling, including the interdiction to kill or to hurt the
    > adversary on
    > purpose. If left- handed people do have an important advantage in
    > fighting sports
    > when they are part of a minority than the same can be said for a real
    > fight or
    > battle situation. " is their claim.
    > " If this is correct than is the advantage of left- handiness greater in
    > a violent
    > environment, what in the end should result in even more left- handed
    > people. "
    > And that is just what the 2 investigators determined while looking at the
    > numbers of manslaughter in 8 different societies. They concluded that the
    > Dioula- tribe of Burkina has the lowest level of murder and thus of left-
    > handiness. The Yanamamo and the people of the Jim- Valley in Papoea
    > New- Guinia have the highist number.
    > Faurie says that the advantage of being left- handed should only, in
    > principle
    > stay in existence within man because those behave the most violently in
    > each investigated society.
    > Professor Chris McManus of University College of London however is not
    > yet convinced. He claims that the data is mis- interpreted and that the
    > test- groups were to small and the used methods unreliable.
    > There must be according the to professor an advantage in being left-
    > handed, but it is still unclear what it consist of.
    > According to his own theory, despite the many disadvantages of being
    > left- handed, left- handed people show a greater deal of creativity and
    > other positive aspects.
    > " And society needs a subgroup of people who are different. "
    > DM, Steve Connor 09/ 12/ 2004, translated by Kenneth Van Oost.
    > My comments,
    > If this is true we should atleast aspect an increase of left- handed
    > people amongst members of LA and New York streetgangs !
    > Do we possess data !?
    > If this were to be true, than atleast we will aspect an increase of
    > left- handed people amongst the decendents of those kid- soldiers
    > of Burundi and Rwanda !
    > Will we ever get to those !?
    > If this is not far away from the truth, we should atleast aspect an
    > increase of left- handed people amongst the decendents of those
    > who are now wandering the earth !
    > Will it ever reach its top !?
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

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