Remarkable,after the Flash Mobs, now power to the Disobbedienti !!

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Date: Thu 02 Dec 2004 - 20:48:08 GMT

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    All the fuzz aside, here is a new chapter of how people react to the change of the seasons....

    << Last year Italian activists raided atleast 11 supermarkets. During those raids they fill up grocery carts and walk out without paying. Outside the goods are, in a direct Robin Hood style distributed to ignorant people.

    What can you do, being a cashier, when 200 strangers walk into the store, fill up their carts with food, CD- players and computers and cheerful walk out again !?

    On the 6 th. of November a shop was raided in the surburbs of Rome. While shouting slogans like " everyhting costs too mush ", the activists looted. The group behind this all, are called the Disobbedienti [ the disobedients], a radical anti- globalist organisation and one of the worst in Italy. The Disobbedienti are well known to be specialists in breaking thru' tight security lines around political and economical top- meetings. The past year they expanded however their actions towards a battle for getting gain for the poor in Italy.

    The group calls their raids " proletarian expropriations ", and argues that everyone should be allowed to get access to luxery comsumption goods. It isn 't however the first time that such- like actions take place in Italy. In the late 70s there was already a tradition of demonstrations ending up in warehouse lootings.

    Italian politicians are divided about the issue. Most comdemn the actions but an environmentalist noted that those are conducted within a context of a high unemployment risk and rising prices. A communistic member of parlement praised the initiative skyhigh and compared the activists with the legendary Robin Hood.>>

    Some comment !?

    Why Italy !? Can 't recall any such actions from a other country...

    And see, politics is again peeping, remark the difference in approach to the issue if you were an environmentalist or communist...

    Regards though,


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