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    > Agreed Scott. The discussions were relevant - I
    > wasn't even following
    > them in great detail, but I did notice that although
    > politics in
    > relation to Memetics was being discussed - there was
    > a little egoic
    > attachment to particular views - nothing out of the
    > ordinary however.
    I happen to be reading two books on the politics of the Old South in the US _The Rise of the Southern Republicans_ and _The New Politics of the Old South_. I can see relevance to list discussion in these book, in how ideoological stances played a role in the creeping rise of the GOP in the South after civil rihts an voting right wre passed, but since this is a
    *political* topic someone might blow a gasket.

    I've also developed an interested in Che Guevara and his role in Latin American history, but this interest has absolutely no relevance whasover to memetics so I suppose I won't discuss it here, lest I get boted from the list. As an aside I have developed an interest in geurilla warfare and have read about Mao in China and about the American patriot Francis Marion of South Carolina (loosely depicted in the fictional Mel Gibson movie _The Patriot_), but the development and spread of unconventional warfare strategies and tactics have no relevance to memetics...

    I've also developed an interest in Cuba and have an excellent article that brings my previous hobby horse of rastafarianism into play: ["Rasta, race and revolution transnational connections in socialist Cuba" by Katrin Hansing in _Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (Oct 2001) p733- ], but Cuba is irrelevant to memetics.

    > This is probably what Bruce is referring to. Bruce
    > should realise as a
    > list administrator that censorship for something as
    > tame as this is not
    > the answer - some people just identify very strongly
    > with their beliefs.
    Yeah my brief mention of animal rights extreism as another form of ideologically based activism and someone's mention that this was used as a plot device in a movie and my comparison of said zombie movie "28 Days Later" to Charlton Heston's "Omega Man" had no relevance to memetics nor did my aside about the Ring series by Japan's Stephen King, the author Koji Suzuki, and how that series has been Americanized in film. How films morph between one culture and another
    (ie- Ringu vs. The Ring) and how the makers of "The Ring" movie chopped that story from its Japanese context and fit it into an American context have no relevance to memetics. The basis on Suzuki's first book on contagion and the notion of copying videos to save ones self from the fate forewarned by an urban legend (the movie plot) has no relevance to memetics. My brainstorming has no place here on this list. Cricket chirps are more important than topics or discussion.

    We can all kindly worship in peace at the altar of Hari Seldon now.
    > Speaking of beliefs: Did we discuss the book "The
    > God Gene" here yet?
    > I haven't read it yet, but as a molecular biologist
    > and someone very
    > interested in comparative mythology, I am going to
    > pick it up soon.
    I've noticed a few books on the speculative biological bases for religious belief. Since you're interested in comparative mythology, I'd assume you're familiar with Jung. We wouldn't want to talk about him though since he's not relevant to memes and memetics and we might get booted from the list for disturbing the chirping crickets who have taken residence in the rafters during the lack of list activity.
    > (I'm probably a bit behind y'all) I'm very
    > interested in how the
    > hereditary of the gene ties up with the hereditary
    > of religious memes.
    A gene-meme leash or a highly canalized culturgen? I've not read too much evolutionary biology or memetics books lately, since instead of taking theory and fitting facts to it, I'm trying to clean my ideological slate and accumulate facts so that I can beter evaluate competing theories down the road. History is irrelevant to memes and memetics. I've found that reading too much memetics and evolutionary biology for analogies as to how culture works can dull one's senses for how much complexity the historical record actually offers.
    > And..I'm leaving Milwaukee and moving to Seattle WA
    > this coming week!
    > Anyone here in Seattle?
    Uh oh. You just went off topic. When you're in Seattle you might want to take up the grunge movement in music and fashion as a topic for research. Alternative music has no relevance to memetics.

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