Re: From the Moderator of the memetics list: Warning about relevance!

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Wed 01 Dec 2004 - 14:19:51 GMT

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    At 11:56 AM 01/12/04 +0000, you wrote:
    >Dear memetics discussants,
    >Please can I remind you that this list is for the discussion of matters
    >relating to memes and memetics. Where this degenerates into discussions
    >about politics (USA, Cuba, Israel, Animal rights etc.) this should be
    >carried on OFF this list (i.e. privately or via another forum).
    >Individuals who ignore this will eventually (after warnings, pleas etc.)
    >be ejected form the list. If there is a widespread irrelevance the list
    >will be closed. You have been warned.
    >As they say: we thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    Have I been missing a lot of postings? The previous post was over two weeks ago.

    As for the above topics, I do think people should be more specific about tying such topics back into memetics and evolutionary psychology. EP seems to me to be the lower strata that memetics rests on.

    Why for example do animal rights memes spread in populations? They obviously don't spread in *all* populations and didn't at all until recent historical times so what are the differences? And how does the differential spread of animal rights memes relate to the substrate of evolved human brains? It is almost certainly a side effect of something else since animal rights memes would be rather counter survival to hunter gatherers, but a side effect of what?

    I have some ideas along this line. Anyone else?

    Keith Henson

    PS. Politics is even more related. If the psychological forces spreading memes inside the US and Iraq were understood at least we might be able to suggest something useful.

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