Re: From the Moderator of the memetics list: Warning about relevance!

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Wed 01 Dec 2004 - 12:51:52 GMT

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    --- Bruce Edmonds <> wrote:

    > Dear memetics discussants,
    > Please can I remind you that this list is for the
    > discussion of matters
    > relating to memes and memetics. Where this
    > degenerates into discussions
    > about politics (USA, Cuba, Israel, Animal rights
    > etc.) this should be
    > carried on OFF this list (i.e. privately or via
    > another forum).
    > Individuals who ignore this will eventually (after
    > warnings, pleas etc.)
    > be ejected form the list. If there is a widespread
    > irrelevance the list
    > will be closed. You have been warned.
    > As they say: we thank you for your cooperation in
    > this matter.
    Give me a break. It isn't like there's a lot of activity here anyway.

    My discussion about Cuba was relevant (I challenge you to show how it wasn't) as I was looking at mindsets such as communism and anit-communism. I don't use words like memes often, because I look for alternative views, but a discussion of topics involving mindsets
    (they call them "memeplexes") behind Cuban exiles, Latin American hisroty or animal rights movement are relevant. If you think not, then please let us know how so. Cuba itself is an excellent place to apply memetically relevant ideas, especially since it's an island and somewhat isolated, so you can look at the flow of ideas across ideological barriers. I happen to have an article somewhere about the inroads rasta culture has made from Jamaica. I dare you to say how that would be irrelevant. I'd also like to see you assert that the icon of Che is irrelevant to mindsets that have swayed Cuba and Latin America. At least it ain't about Iraq!

    I have also posted about groupthink as a competing theory to memetics for the *political* decisions of the Korean war etc. Maybe that's too *political* for you.

    Or maybe the only safe topics to discuss are hula hoops and skirt lengths in which case memetics becomes all the more laughable.

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