Re: animal rights extremism

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Tue 16 Nov 2004 - 04:02:06 GMT

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    > Unfortunately this will probably suck as badly as
    > Parts 1 & 2 did...

    (cue Vader's trademark breathing)

    BTW, I recently saw some audio verion of the Bible with James Earl Jones reading it. I can just imagine the dialogue:

    "Jesus." says God.

    "Yes." replies Jesus.

    "I am your Father."

    Maybe when the Devil tempts Jesus he says something about coming over to the Dark Side of the Force.
    > > It doesn't matter. In May 2005 we get to see
    > Anakin
    > > become Darth Vader, which pretty much trumps
    > anything
    > > else that could possibly happen next year

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