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Date: Fri 12 Nov 2004 - 20:42:10 GMT

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      IMO, Arafat was not an obstacle to peace. He is often characterized as such, but only by those who wish the Palestinian people would simply roll over or go away. The favorite thing that those who characterize Arafat this way is his withdrawal from Camp David II, but this is only done by those who failed to read the proposal that some sought to impose on him there.

      So I don't think that the next Palestinian leaders will be better able to advance peace in the area. The peace process itself is dead in the water, and a new design will have to be found. It is going to be very difficult, and I don't see it happening in the near future. It is possible that some partial agreements between the Palestinians and Israelis will be possible, given the need for both sides to appear reasonable to international eyes, but it is almost certain that they will be on secondary or tertiary issues, and not the core issues that must first be resolved if any genuine move toward peace is to be accomplished.

      << True, so very true and unfortunally this is the kind of arguments most comments are following too.

      I thought Israel, more as a friendly gesture, could consider to let Barghouthi walk free, in order to

      get at least somebody in the new to form government who has authority and who could keep the

      fighting fractions apart or at least keep those under his thumb.

      But, reading the today's paper, helas Israel has no attention to let the man free and IMO if the

      intifida continues more bloody than ever, because there ain't no longer any control, Israel got to

      look at oneself in the mirror if things go really down the drain this time.

      But it is so very true, now Arafat has died, that his people finds itself in a uncertain situation,and

      I am afraid that for the near future and beyond their perspectives look very bleak.

      And although Palestians accuse Israel of poisoning their leader, I am convinced that he was an

      old and sick and tired man, and died " peacefully ".

      But the fact remains that now that he died, his country and his people are in turmoil and that a

      possible chaos will reach its peak....



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