Re: terror linked to freedom instead of poverty?

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Date: Thu 11 Nov 2004 - 17:31:28 GMT

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    Hm, a rather strange kind of deduction this !

    If we talk about internal political troubles lets say, those of N. Ireland, I can agree on the fact that the lack of freedom ( political, social, cultural, religious, etc ) may and can result in terror and terrorism [ that ain 't the way to settle your differences either] but the question remains to be seen if the same can be applied for international terrorism and most of all the kind that is ' religiously ' inspired !

    What got, lets say, the lack of political freedom of those living by the dozen in Sauidi- Arabia to do with bringing down the WTC- Towers !? You almost have to think that those terrorists blame the US for their own political- rights privation !? If of course the US should pressure the Sauidi- Arabia government to discount political freedom, those terrorists should have a ' reason ' ! But this is too far fetched for my taste !
    _ Why attacking a third ' involved ' party if the ones you really want to hurt live on your doorstep !? We in Europe did show our worst in the former colonies, but we ain 't got terrorist trouble inspired by this kind of history !

    On the other hand, would the level of political freedom of the US/ Europe and the whole of the Western world be a reason to attack the country in the first place !? Why, of a sudden, if it is, is it done by Muslim- fundamentalists !? Why do not environmentalists apply the same tactics, some animal- righ extremists and anti- abortion- legues do but their targets are specific, well- directed, selective towards people and institutions rather than to try to bring down the whole of a political/ social/ cultural or religious structure.

    And those actions are done within the full circle of Western applied political freedom and social equality. They got the ' political ' freedom to act anyway, so why then turn to ' terrorism ' !? Weird !



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