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Date: Wed 10 Nov 2004 - 03:57:19 GMT

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    --- Chris Taylor <christ@ebi.ac.uk> wrote:

    > Fox Infotainment would be a better name.
    Yeah, just like Vince McMahon touts prowrestling as sports entertainment. Rupert Murdoch and his FoxNews commander-in-chief Roger Ailes are to news what Vince McMahon is to sports. The difference is that more people might realize they should be skeptical of pro-wrestling than highly opinionated news analysis.

    It's pretty sad that in order for me to get decent coverage of the battle in Fallujah at night I have to watch Newsworld International and have foreigners give me the full rundown. We've got too many talking heads milking the Scott Peterson case for all its worth. I'm proud to say I haven't the slightest clue what that case is all about. I'm filtering out that crap just like I did with 24hr OJ TV.

    We need a 24hr BBC cable news feed over here across the pond. Anything's better than watching Bill O'Reilly spew forth opinion and his hatred of the NY Times.

    If FoxNews actually shows news it isn't in the morning when they've got Fox & Friends, a sitcom where the airheaded College Republican club members grow up and get a morning show or at night when you've got O'Reilly, Hannity & Colmes, and Greta van Susteren filling your brain full of slop.

    Will Australia please take Murdoch back home?
    > Or at the
    > very least Fox 'News'
    > with one of those 'resemblance to any person living
    > or dead is purely
    > coincidental' qualifiers. Good sport though to get
    > some CV exercise :)
    David Brock was a former right-wing spinner and I guess had a change of heart somewhere along the line and knows the seedy underbelly from the inside. I'm not sure if he's totally on the mark, but one begins to question the canard of the "liberal media", at least with Fox"News" and the Washington Times being in existence.

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