terror linked to freedom instead of poverty?

From: Scott Chase (osteopilus@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed 10 Nov 2004 - 00:33:48 GMT

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    I heard about this study on FoxNews (cough, cough) which made me a little skeptical since they may cherry-pick what they report or have chosen this because of its implications for what the "American people" will feel about the US bring freedom to other nations militarily, thus eliminating the source of terror related ideation. After reading a good portion of David Brock's new media related book _The Republian Noise Machine_ I don't know what to believe anymore. I only watch FoxNews to analyze it and to really get myself ticked off.

    Anyway Keith might want to see how this study (see link below) on the relation between terror and freedom affects his ideas, since someone is saying that poverty isn't important as a factor in terrorism, but a nation's level of political freedom (whatever that means). Would this discount looming privation as a consideration in generating terror related ideation?

    I don't know how well this person's research is supported, but it has been hitting the news, so its umm...newsworthy anyway.

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