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Date: Mon 01 Nov 2004 - 21:09:34 GMT

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    > There is certainly feedback, but the Israelis have darn good reason to be
    > stressed about a looming bleak future. Of course the exact same thing can
    > be said of the Palestinians.
    > It isn't hard for the Israelis to see the increase in the Arab populations
    > is far exceeding their own. Eventually they will be swamped, and they
    > it. It isn't hard for the Palestinians to see they are being abused,
    > denied human rights, houses destroyed, land and water stolen, etc either.
    > The situation is not conducive to rational thinking on either side. I
    > think they are *both* right about seeing a bleak future and it is driving
    > them into a war. It is only the harsh reality of a technical and wealth
    > gap that their has not been a blowup. Physical reality, ecological
    > and the sad fact that one of the local cultures isn't making the
    > to low birth rate/high wealth makes the situation unstable and getting
    > so every day.

    Agreed, but it is then so hard for one to see (Israelis) that they are holding back the other ( Palestians) to reach for that higher wealth/ lower birth rate and that thus they are digging their own graves !? In the end, simplistic thinking I agree, the Palestians will win or at least will have the benifit of being the winner, because in the proces of keeping the Palestians one tumb under the Israelis will have destroyed themselves...!

    Or I am wrong !?



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