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    > According to Israeli journalist Uri Avnery, Jewish fanaticism has reached
    > such a fever pitch that the country is now obsessed with the possibility
    > civil war. The fanatical Jews, no different in principle from fanatical
    > Christians or Muslims, want to abolish democratic institutions and turn
    > Israel into a fundamentalist state. The fanaticism is most prevalent
    > Israelis who have illegally settled on Palestinian land.

    Ted, all,

    Peter Singer and his followers of animal right activists, human right watchers, the anti- abortion freaks or the black islam movement make sure that in one way or another their memesets are heard. But like what is seemingly happening with those settlers and with what Keith descibes concerning Ireland, within none of these groups an increase or a descrease of any birth- razte is yet being observed !

    I ain 't got no numbers, but Marokkian extremists here in Belgium do possess their own absolutist memesets, but again IMO at least there ain 't no higher or lower birth rate among those or other extremist groups. Not within the widespread right- winged supporters, about 1.000.000 in the Flanders of the VB are infecting the overall birth rate of my country ! Moreover, it is due to the presence of those strangers and due to the presence of political, economical and cultural refugees that the overall birth rate is at an acceptable height.

    What is true, and not only in belgium is this visible, is that amongst such groups, yes indeed absolutist memes are widespread, but only and only then when
    ' hard- core- liners ' intimidate or oppress more rational lines of belief. But again, we got no numbers to back this up, no analyses have ever been done within this field, we can 't be sure that what is happening within the banlieuses is or isn 't effecting any birth rate number. But Iam pretty sure, that both sides of the argument have their absolutist memesets to play with and that both sides are equal fundamentalistic, but we say for the good order of things that it is still the other that is doing the harm....



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