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    >The point I want to make, is that this interpretation does not say
    anything >about whether a population with absolutist memes will have a better >survival rate than another with rationalistic memes, or vice versa. It >might, but it would be a side effect. Perhaps one can suppose that fear >memes in general populate a special ancestral (i.e. genetic) place in our >psychology, that make them important for biological survival. That would >account for Keith's keen observation that absolutist memes appear in >stressed/worried populations, but I do not think it is necessary to assign >a biologically relevant selective pressure, or a specialized inherited >psychological process to each and every kind of meme (absolutist, >rationalistic, religious, etc.) It sounds a little phrenological to me.

    This is really getting interesting. Ruling out the possibility of a genetic biological relevance on selective pressure or a specialised inherited psychological process of memes with regards to memes appearing in a stressed/worried population; what process in your view would have to take place in order for the absolutist memes to establish an ESS?


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