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Date: Thu 28 Oct 2004 - 20:04:05 GMT

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    > Several articles on "security moms" appeared in September.
    > Why women are edging toward Bush
    > President-making security moms

    Well, I read them all, thanks by the way for number 4, yet to read it though, but the first 3 were well ugh ! The Christian Science Monitor !? Ugh !

    Some extracts,
    >" Security moms want a little ( or a lot) macho on the White House. To the
    women who roll their eyes at that manly posturing, both compaignons have offered up their guys ' softer sides ".

    > Bush's core appeal ' More than anything, they see a moral clarity with
    Bush, a man of conviction ."

    << For me, this boils down to what G. Miller wrote about in his 2000 book, The Mating Mind , how women are getting attracked to some macho man to have sex. Macho behaviour / being a man of conviction / having moral clarity are in one way of another the same of having a tale like the peacock to get laid ! Of course, I hope, Bush is displaying such behaviour/ gestures as part of being simply himself [ as part of a well- organised pr- campaign to get him re- elected] , but could it also be an evolutionary esthetic preference of women to vote for guys who are/ were of being fit for the job; to be all for security, and moreover, for a kind of security where children ought to be top priority

    I guess it is, atleast in the understanding that 1_ the URL is related to a web- page of a religious movement, and we all know that children are important to those christians, and we all know where Bush stands for if he talks about religion and 2_ Bush says he will do anything to keep the kids safe... in what a kind of other words can you say that this is(n 't) the same mechanism working whereby female robins are fooling around to get impregnated with all of the

    best of all the other males besides the one she is living with !?

    With all the best respect, but neither the second or the third URL added something new. Again they were religiously inspired, and thus in my book all for Bush, a critical, and thus impartial analyses is / was impossible. Although the third URL gave a glance of a rational viewpoint incorporating the view that those moms want to keep their ' school- age- children ' at home, NOT the other ! What a change of perception is this !

    Did the attack on the school in Beslan made the American women so frighted
    !? Why has their perception of being safe to dramatically shifted !? What is the difference with the attack on the Towers, why did mothers then not shiffer like they do now !? Why do those mothers not keep their children at home while they damn good know there are ' kids ' around, armed and dangerous, ready to blow an entire school skyhigh !? How many shoot- outs were there the last 5 years in the US at schools !? Tell me why !

    Do we have to think that those moms are part of the pr- campaign to get nation- wide attention !? Hello Kerry !? Fight back !



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