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Date: Thu 21 Oct 2004 - 08:35:55 GMT

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    Van oost Kenneth wrote:
    >>Kenneth, who are these security mums you're talking
    >>about in Florida? This is news to me. I've heard of
    >>parents homeschooling their kids, thus taking them out
    >>of the mainstream melting pot of public schools, but
    >>this homeschooling phenomena existed before 9-11. I
    >>can't say I'm a religious follower of statewide news,
    >>so I haven't heard of "security mums" yet. Could you
    >>point me to a URL or news cite?
    > Scott,
    > No I can 't ! It was just an item mentioned on the news,
    > now about a week ago.
    > The newsbullitins, with the fortcoming election, try to let
    > common talk about what worries them, and how that is
    > related to the way they ( will) vote.
    > The newscaster talk about these women like they were
    > well known to the general public in the US.
    > Perhaps it is a local phenomenom !
    > I am sorry, but further news I ain 't got either; but I thought
    > it was wortwhile mentioning, memetically speaking that is.
    > Does anyone has more details....!?

    Several articles on "security moms" appeared in September. Why women are edging toward Bush President-making security moms Security Moms (the second entry)

    <begin quote> Apparently "Security Moms" is this key demographic that pollsters have come up with to describe married mothers who have school-age children.

    The reason that this demographic has been identified is that it is breaking heavily for the President.

    Well, I guess I'm now both a "Soccer Mom" and a "Security Mom" Sheralyn said. [My oldest son had his first soccer game yesterday.]


    Sheralyn gave me this look that I've identified as "for a smart guy, you have so much to learn." Then she set me straight, "It's the babysitter factor."


    "Who would you rather baby-sit your kids, George and Laura, or Kerry and ketchup-lady?"

    "Well, George and Laura, but isn't that a bit nanny-statish of you?" This was getting good.

    "Not at all. I don't won't the government to take care of my kids, but I'd like the head of the government to be trustworthy enough to watch my kids for a minute while I run to the store."

    "Er, honey, we don't know any of these people." I winked back, "None of them are going to watch…"

    "Doesn't matter," she said, "women want someone they can trust."

    That's good enough for me.
    <end quote>

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