Re: Security Mums ! What !? Paranoid !!

From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Wed 20 Oct 2004 - 18:40:08 GMT

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    > Kenneth, who are these security mums you're talking
    > about in Florida? This is news to me. I've heard of
    > parents homeschooling their kids, thus taking them out
    > of the mainstream melting pot of public schools, but
    > this homeschooling phenomena existed before 9-11. I
    > can't say I'm a religious follower of statewide news,
    > so I haven't heard of "security mums" yet. Could you
    > point me to a URL or news cite?


    No I can 't ! It was just an item mentioned on the news, now about a week ago. The newsbullitins, with the fortcoming election, try to let common talk about what worries them, and how that is related to the way they ( will) vote. The newscaster talk about these women like they were well known to the general public in the US. Perhaps it is a local phenomenom !

    I am sorry, but further news I ain 't got either; but I thought it was wortwhile mentioning, memetically speaking that is. Does anyone has more details....!?

    Regards though and thanks for reading,


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