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Date: Sun 17 Oct 2004 - 10:10:43 GMT

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    _ With the war on Terror still at its heights Florida mothers go one step further. Security Mums like they are called do not speak up for the complete protection of the American territory but plead for the total security of their children. And that in a very extreme way ! Paranoid is more to the point. If they wage war on everything what could jeapardize the security of their children those women dare to give up their carriers, swear to a kind of family which falls outside the scope of any ' normal ' analyses, barricade themselves into their homes and induce reasons to keep the kids from school and why they should raise them in their own mids. So they escape reality and live apparently an autonomous existence.

    But estranged in this way from what is going on in the dangerous outside world these women submite themselves to what terrorists really want_ the total deruption/ alienation of America's social life. As these fresh currents infiltrate familiar strata of belief ( and which society in not based, is not keen upon/ for the notion of having at least the children safe), they tend to colour the notions already ' in stock '. These ' social/ cultural pre- suppositions, still ' in solution ', active but pressing, but not yet fully articulated define forms to formalize formats to confront the danger.

    These women are all for Bush and his politics, but what they IMO don 't acknowledge is the fact that there is a difference, a potential conflict between the practical and the official. These women feel they are oppressed and their real life situation asks for more than one solution, but that ain 't the official, read Bush' political point of view. Bush can try to set America free from the direct terrorist danger, but he can 't set his people free from the aggregate of life experiences, like paranoia and the outward expressions directly connected to them ( behaviour). The atmosphere of unfixed inner emotions, like fear, and outer speech ( Bush his statement that the War on Terror will take time) endowns down the very behaviour and actions of the women involved.

    If their number, like it is growing already, will reach its peak, the terrorists will have won their war. The women involved try to universalize their belief and values in order to get support, but framing their beliefs in such a way may and will run against their own interests. In the long term they will loose.



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