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Date: Sun 17 Oct 2004 - 09:34:37 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Chase" <> You wrote, Thus it might be good to look at religious belief as a subset of ideology.

    Terry Eagleton, in his book, Ideology An introduction writes on page 50,

    " To study an ideological formation, then, is among other things to eximine the complex set of linkages or meditions between its most articulate and least articulate levels. Organized religion might provide a useful example. Such religion stretches from highly abtruse metaphy- sical doctrines to meticulously detailed moral prescriptions governing the routines of every day. Religion is just a way of bringing to bear the most fundamental questions of human existence on a unique individual life. It also contains doctrines and rituals to rationalize the discrepance between the two_ to account for why I fail to live up to these cosmic truths, and ( as in confession) to adjust my daily behaviour to their demands. Religion consists of a hierarchy of discourses, some of them elaborately theortical, some ethical and prescriptive, others exhortatory and conso- latory and the institution of the church ensures that each of these discourses meshes constantly with the others, to create an unbroken continiuum between the theoretical and the behavioural. If ideologies are action- orientated sets of beliefs, then this is one reason for their false, partial or disorting nature. "

    On page 113,

    " Ideology refers specifically to the way power- struggles are fought out at the level of signification;..... Singing the National Anthem comes close to a " purely " ideological activity as one could imagine, religion, similarly, is properly the most purely ideological of the various institutions of civil society. "

    But and so Scott, personal I don 't think religion as such is a subset of ideology as such. Religion is and can be in itself ideological and vice versa ideology can be seen as a set of belief but both notions aren 't convertable in one another.



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