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Date: Sun 03 Oct 2004 - 17:11:55 GMT

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    I think it underlines how modular our minds are.

    A tangential-sounding but similar problem is proof reading your own work
    -- after a while it becomes almost impossible to truly, mechanically read some parts; you almost convince yourself you read it when in fact you skimmed it and referred to in internal cache. Same for looking for things that turn out to be right in front of you. Artists can spot mistakes by looking at the painting in a mirror, they're lucky cos there aren't many othre examples like that; mostly you just have to radically change your environment or something to 'force a refresh' as it were.

    Dare you go back to the place? The other day the cashier in a supermarket gave me the signed slip back with my receipt (I didn't notice until that night). I'm waiting to see what happens there...

    Cheers, Chris.

    Van oost Kenneth wrote:
    > Hi everyone,
    > A strange thing happened to me,
    > We, 2 friends, my girlfriend and me went out for a walk on the town,
    > we ordered a menu in a classy restaurant, we talked, laughed and had
    > a pleasant evening.
    > I asked the waiter for the bill, we payed and we left. We went on to pay
    > a visit to several bars, spoke about little nothings and about 1 o' clock in
    > the morning we seperated and went home.
    > By entering our house, I said to my girlfriend that the food we payed for
    > was indeed excellent and cheap.
    > " Cheap !? ", she said. " Yes " I answered.
    > We payed 60 Euro ( about the same amount in Us dollars ) for the 4 of us.
    > " But that isn 't right ", she said and right she was. The waiter
    > miscounted
    > him for half of the total sum and neither he, his boss and we ever took
    > notice of this fact untill the moment my girlfriend rubted under my nose.
    > ( How the boss reacted, we can guess...)
    > How is it possible that 4 grow ups spent a whole evening together,
    > talking to eachother about this and thats and it never came to our
    > 4 minds that the waiter miscounted him. We talked about money,
    > that I remerber, but never about our good fortune.
    > Later, we laughed and even now if we go out again we like to recall
    > this kind of windfall, but how does it come that we didn 't notice it
    > on the very spot of happening !?
    > I judged that the waiter did gave me the half of bill ( I thus payed
    > for my girlfriend and myself), but how does this strike with the fact
    > that thus the other couple didn 't pay and left the restaurant all
    > together !?
    > _ for the record, I and the man of the other couple did pay each 30
    > Euro, that is the half of the giving account.
    > Any comments !? Suggestions !?
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

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