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Date: Sun 03 Oct 2004 - 10:13:59 GMT

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    > Anyway, with the horror of Beslan, comes the strident possibility of this
    > kind of attack occurring again elsewhere. Schools are soft targets, with
    > maximum potential for doing what terrorism is all about- causing terror.

    <<But in this respect, it could be one or yet another new trick in the book to escape responsibility for his actions, but one of the man involved claimed he was forced to participate in the slaughter ( drugs, hypnosis,...?) in order to set his own family safe. A trick to get people to do what they want, terrorist- leaders threat to kill off the guy or girl family if they don 't participate in their actions. There is of course no guarantee in either way_ if you aren 't willing to par- ticipate they kill you and your family, if you do participate ( and survive) will your family be spared !?

    That is where I see a difference with what allegedly Palestian- suicide- bombers are doing_ there is a free will involved, it is there own doing, there own commitment. Of course, religion and religious belief are playing there part in the latter, where in the former ( Beslan) there isn 't ( at first sight anyway), or are Hamas- leaders drawing the same lines...!?

    > Of course the added factor today is that even a school in the depths of
    > central asian/russian republics can be in millions of homes as it happens,
    > and now not only Western homes as satellite TV reaches ever further into
    > developing world. Of course whether this is enough- i.e. the transmission
    > of the tactic- is enough to see it replicated elsewhere, is another
    > of the kind key to memetics.

    << If we take the slaughter- bit into account, we're in for the worse...



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