Vatican lashes Feminism

From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Wed 11 Aug 2004 - 18:52:36 GMT

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    Nature or nurture !?

    The Vatican produces a heavily opposition for feminism. In a letter, published in the Il Corrie della Sera, the Vatican exposes the feministic view as there were no differences between man and women as naive. The letter strongly takes on the American feministic movement of which Judith Butler is spokeswoman.

    Accordingly to the latter the differences between man and women aren't fixed by gender, but by culture. The movement beliefs that people should be allowed to choose their gender_ hetero- or homosexual, lesbian or transsexual_ a position heavily paused by the Vatican.

    The letter is part of a 37 pages counted document, mounted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, of the German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and approved by the Vatican. In the document women are encouraged to take part in the social and public life, without loosing sight of their natural vocations, like being an mother. That is a duty, according to the Vatican that should be rewarded economically.



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