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Date: Wed 11 Aug 2004 - 18:34:54 GMT

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    Something of interest !?

    Siberian kid raised by watch- dog,

    Social assistents discovered two weeks ago a kid that apparently was raised by a watch-dog. The now 7 year old Andrej Tolstyk was only a few months old when his parents deserted him. The kid has now found a new shelter in an orphanage.

    The kid was found nearby its parental home with only the watch- dog as his companian. Andrej couldn 't speak and behaved like a real dog. He walked on all four, browsed his food, barked and showed agression to his discoverers. His mother left him when he was 3 months old and his father left him a few months later. The area where Andrej lived is so thinly populated that noone ever noticed that his parents were gone. In the meanwhile the left behind watch- dog kept Andrej alive.

    Difficult adaptations,

    Andrej Tolstyk was accordingly to some doctors born with major speech- and hearingdefects, by which his adaptation to the real world will be a hazardous route. But after a few days in the orphanage of Barnaoel Andrej could already walk on his 2 legs, eat with a spoon and played with a ball. He made friends with a little girl with whom he communicates in some kind of sign language.

    The faithful dog has found a new home. Doctors and psychologists are trying now to find out if Andrej will ever show normal behaviour.

    Found in a paper, last week Wednesday,



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