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Date: Tue 27 Jul 2004 - 17:46:59 GMT

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    On Tuesday 27 July 2004 12:13, Scott Chase wrote:
    > --- Gene Doty <> wrote:
    <snipped the posting to wch I responded + my response>
    > One problem with this topic is that there was a group
    > wide moratorium imposed a while back and one list
    > member's privileges were curtailed due to discussion
    > of the topic. This topic is still hotly debated on
    > many forums I've participated in as lurker and
    > discusser and from my experience things can go south
    > fast.
    > Yes, maybe objective discussion could take place, but
    > with a politically charged topic where ideations about
    > the "war on terror" and "war in Iraq" are discussed it
    > often happens that the topic is carved by the
    > pre-exiting bias of the discusser, no matter how
    > objective they want to appear. What would happen here
    > is that people would start using the idea of "memes"
    > to promote their pre-existing mindset on the war(s).
    > There would be those resembling Cheney-Rumsfeld and
    > others trying to be Michael Moore and it just starts
    > getting ugly. I can already tell by Lawry's choice of
    > language what direction he will take and his once
    > prolifically posting detractor could put forward no
    > rejoinders.
    > Meme wars? That's what we had just been through not
    > long ago. Review the list history.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'll watch my words. I have reviewed archives but not on this issue. No meme-wars for me.

    Gene Doty
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