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Date: Tue 27 Jul 2004 - 15:07:47 GMT

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    > I'll have to look into it, yet somewhere in the
    > large
    > part of my post you snipped I made allowances for
    > modest, short-term predictions. Now how well does
    > this
    > stuff hold up in the case of an unforeseen Mule? If
    > we
    > were to use chaos maths, evolutionary algorithms and
    > big computers with CRM systems loaded in, could we
    > go
    > back in time, say to when there were dinosaurs and
    > *predicted* the actual impact and subsequent effects
    > of an asteroid?

    I snip for brevity, I hate long posts....anyway, I thought it was implicit in your discussion that the
    "Mule" - aka a major discontinuity like an asteroid etc - knocks any form of predictive maths off its perch. The ongoing series is how the Foundation tries to rescue the situation....but then I'd give the plot away if I went farther.


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