Fw: how Jesus was, good

From: Dace (edace@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon 12 Jul 2004 - 19:37:05 GMT

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    I received this spam less than two hours after firing off a post to the memes list that included the word Jesus. Is this just a coincidence, or do spammers monitor email lists looking for keywords they can insert into their subject headings? Is there software that does this automatically? There's something curiously apocalyptic about the message. Seems tailored to someone vulnerable to the Jesus meme.


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    This may be our last attempt to contact you, please do not wait until it's too late. Get your application in to us before r at es go up. Interest r at es for mor t g ages are currently only 3. 5 % Please use the short form here.

    Yours sincerely, Daren Voss

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