Re: Creationism & Intelligent Design

From: Gene Doty (
Date: Mon 12 Jul 2004 - 15:11:31 GMT

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    Alan Patrick wrote:
    > Has anyone been following the rise of these memes, I'm
    > getting interested as:
    > (i) They seems to be growing despite the weight of
    > evidence against them
    > (ii)They represent to me a closing of the open mind of
    > a society, something that has fascinated me from
    > looking at medieval Muslim society and the Amish etc.
    > Rgds
    > Alan

    Just to say, Yes, I have been--mostly in The Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer. I've also read a book or two, but they're not at hand and my memory's down right now ;-)

    These memes seem to have enormous replicating power. They obviously cooperate with the strong Christian memeplex in our society, along with a meme that expresses distrust of science and intellectuals.

    I wonder these memes fare among the Amish?

    BTW, I read sometime ago a Buddhist monograph on rebirth (reincarnation) which said that Darwinian evolution contradicts Buddhist teaching of the priority of Mind. (That's just one school of Buddhist thought.) Perhaps the ID meme will make headway in other religious traditions as well.


    Gene Doty
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