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Date: Sun 11 Jul 2004 - 10:24:09 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "stunned" <> Kenneth,
    > > Do bear my ideas any prophecy- element if the field with I
    > > wish to contribute by is lacking the basic understanding of
    > > what I am trying to say in the first place !?
    > Only if you can write succinctly!
    > LOL!
    > Thanks for the laugh over the irony.

    I can see the laugh, but did you read the next paragraph of my comment !? If you did you will understand I was dead serious. Psychiatric patients, sexual- and childabusers, and I do under- stand how sensitive these matters are in our today society, are still put in the cranny and repression is the only answer. Noone seem to understand that underlying social and cultural elements are part of the problem and that just these ain 't questionable.

    It is to me very clear that all the Others and the social discourse influence the manner of how we see ourselves_ what we are can only be said in how well you can sustain the comparision with others. There is no room for subjectivity. We cannot think of one reason why someone should abuse and therefor we comdemn and no judgement can be crueler than the one that relates to something to which a person can 't do anything.



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