Re: Postmortem on L5 (part 2)

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Date: Sat 10 Jul 2004 - 21:08:21 GMT

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    > >Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think
    > > > government money is much of a
    > > > factor in processor research, especially in
    > > > manufacturing
    > > > technologies.
    > >
    > >You may be right there.
    > > > Plus there is not a single
    > > > government. Look at stem cell
    > > > work to see how research gets done anyway.
    > >But that isn't a very good analogy, as stem cell
    > >research doesn't threaten governments in the way you
    > >suggest processor research does.
    > Governments sure act like stem cell research is a threat to them.


    Governments have problems with such a research if the basic is more than just helping people with what is basically their own ! Their major concern is that laboratories, funded with private money will get on top of things and see their research within a more economical setting...basically " selling " back what people gave them in the first place. Who will be selected and on what grounds will the selection take place, what are the ways by which it all operates and functions; who and in what a way will the information be spreaded and how will the communication take place !?

    Governments loose a certain amount of control over those they supposed to paternalise if they let stem cell research on the loose....



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