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Date: Sat 10 Jul 2004 - 20:47:54 GMT

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    > I think the difference is that the common attitude attributes a kind of
    > prophetic ability to the sf writer, whereas a memetic view sees the
    > writer as a vector for memes that may or may not develop beyond the
    > bounds of the fiction.

    Gene, Keith and all...greetings,

    The above may be true, and you could say that ( some) writers has indeed an alibilty to forsee a future...but I think that is not the case. What a writer will ever write will be in some future a truth, mentioning water- beds as a possible future household attribute is not an ability as such, but a fact of someone his imagination.

    I can forsee people floating around in their private airships to avoid daily traffic, and maybe in some future this will be the common way by which we will go to our work, although the latter is changing already, but is this something of my ability or of some personal ability !? Analyses of trends within society and culture can give you some clues in which way they will evolve and what will be the new trend to follow, but forseeing and predicting the future, no I doubt it ! And moreover, publicity agencies will box us around with things we don 't want and which are accordingly to those guys things we must have.

    I see a lot in Holodeck- technology and I write and wrote, with minor succes, about it possible applications, does that makes me the next Nostradamus if my copies were to picked up into the mainstream of society/ culture !? Do bear my ideas any prophecy- element if the field with I wish to contribute by is lacking the basic understanding of what I am trying to say in the first place !?

    Sexual- and childabuse are still constrained within our social and cultural myths and we try at any price to maintain our ideas about those things, moreover we try to protect ourselves against the very painfull reality of our modern society and the inherent treath of destruction that goes with it. That means that we try, and the main thought within psychology drags itself along these walls, to avoid to see evidence that tells a complete different story as something that needs investigation and further analyses. To get people to believe that my contributions are facts of some prophecy ability on my part we need more than a certain guarantee of people who say that it does !



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