Re: Postmortem on L5 (part 2)

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Tue 06 Jul 2004 - 12:19:38 GMT

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    >Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think
    > > government money is much of a
    > > factor in processor research, especially in
    > > manufacturing
    > > technologies.
    >You may be right there.
    > > Plus there is not a single
    > > government. Look at stem cell
    > > work to see how research gets done anyway.
    >But that isn't a very good analogy, as stem cell
    >research doesn't threaten governments in the way you
    >suggest processor research does.

    Governments sure act like stem cell research is a threat to them.

    The area governments would be concerned about if they had a clue is AI software research, a field that actually does have some government support.

    I don't know that the people involved are right about this (I kind of doubt it) but many of them say the current generation of processors is enough for a transcendent AI.

    Some of this debate is out in the open.

    Keith Henson

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