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Date: Thu 01 Jul 2004 - 14:11:25 GMT

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    Keith Henson wrote:

    big snip!
    >> Thanks. The paper is still a ways off. I do have the handout material
    >> I prepared for the class if you're interested in seeing it. It's in
    >> PDF documents that I posted online for students to download and does
    >> rely somewhat on class discussion.
    > If you could put them back on the web for a few days and post the
    > pointer here that would be fine.
    > Keith Henson
    I've put two sets of notes on the web at
    <> and will leave them there for awhile. I didn't put any link to this page, however. I'll appreciate any responses, comments, suggestions . . .

    BTW, my university uses Blackboard which provides many good features for organizing and presenting classes electronically.


    Gene Doty
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