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From: Gene Doty (
Date: Sun 27 Jun 2004 - 16:25:00 GMT

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    stunned wrote:
    > Gene:
    > You might want to look at how the first Terry Pratchett book "The Colour
    > of Magic" promoted the meme behind the chaosphere and the 8
    > coloured-rays of magick in chaos magick - a growing metaparadigm within
    > the occult scene, that Peter Carroll took and ran with in his fostering
    > of that area. Chaos groups, internationally, have experimented and
    > played with infecting that meme into the public arena to some success.
    > Nadine Buchholz


    Thanks for the suggestion. The occult connection is relevant for the first audience I have in mind for the paper. I suspect there's quite a bit of potential in other Pratchett books as well. He modifies memes
    (motifs, ideas) from other literature and from the "real" world all the time. That kind of thing complicates using any theory--much less memetics--to discuss literature.


    Gene Doty
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