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Date: Fri 25 Jun 2004 - 14:53:30 GMT

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    Dear Dace,

    > Even if the meme meme is in decline, the underlying memetic analysis is
    > still very much alive

    I'm not even sure the meme meme is in decline - there are simply fewer journal articles being written about it. Meanwhile, the meme meme is seeping into the public conciousness.

    For instance, just this minute I got a book out of the library and started reading it, and on page x in the preface the phrase 'meme pool' is used. (The book's 'Web, Graphics & Perl/Tk', btw. Printed March 2003, so not that old.) Perhaps it's just the geeky people I hang around with, but most of them have some idea of what 'meme' means.

    Do you think we should write a few journal articles to boost the graph again? ;)

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