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From: Gene Doty (
Date: Wed 23 Jun 2004 - 15:08:57 GMT

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    Keith Henson wrote:
    > At 09:49 AM 18/06/04 -0500, Gene Doty wrote:

    > Keith Henson
    > PS. If you are a fan of haiku, Hud Nordin, a guy I know in California
    > writes them.
    Keith, thanks for link to Hud Nordin's "scientology-ku." It seems to me that a memetic approach could discuss the evolution of haiku in English in a non-polemical, non-sectarian way. For instance, the 'ku that Nordin writes are arguably a separate species from those found in the major haiku journals and books. The Haiku Society of America's site is representative <>


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