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Date: Wed 23 Jun 2004 - 15:03:40 GMT

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    Van oost Kenneth wrote:
    > Hi Gene, Keith and all others,
    > Yes, traffic has been low, not in the least I thought I was the only one
    > left to check everybody the list....
    > But to give some comment,
    > The only time I came across the word ' meme' outside the main
    > stream of those interested in them was in a magazine about art,
    > more specifically in an article about art- critique.
    > " If the idea about ' art in crisis ' didn 't have such a low number
    > of hits on the Web ( 92 Google- points) we could talk about it
    > as being a meme." ( Translation)
    > The writer of the article is upset that others don 't see that the
    > world of art(s) is in crisis, and moreover that the critique about
    > and over art is even more. She talks further about that the
    > critique is part of being a populistic- scheme of those who
    > wants to bring art ( back) to the streets.
    > Art, in the writers her point of view, stands above the common
    > cultural critique and is and should be just the crowbar to have
    > critique in the first place about what happens in the cultural dis-
    > course of today.
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth


    This example is along the lines of what I'm interested in. One concern is that literary--artistic--ctritical types will misuse and abuse the concept of memes. (I'm with Alan Sokal on the misuse of science by literay theorists.) On the other hand, the literary/cultural instances of memes seem legitimate for pursuit. Memetics is different in many ways from fluid dynamics, right?

    I'm posting a separate message about my own approach. Feedback--questions, suggestions, cautions--are all welcome.

    In my experience, traffic on lists tends to fluctuate quite a bit.


    Gene Doty
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