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    >... if you look at the graph showing memtic references over time it is
    >evident that memetics has already peaked and is not in decline.

    I would like to make the case that one reason there are fewer papers on memetics is that the subject has escaped the academic world and academics are reluctant to write about popular topics. As an example, I offer this snippet about a comic book that is being made into a television pilot and perhaps a series. "Memetic invasion" indeed!

             "The pilot episode is not yet complete, but Rogers and his staff already have plenty of story ideas for future episodes of "Global Frequency," many of which come directly from the comics. "The free runner. Honest to God, Nelson's been storyboarding that one since we started the process; he's in love. But you know, the reason we focus in on that one, again, is not just because the visuals will be cool. Ordinary girl with one funky ability vs. the bad guys. Way in over her head, but willing to die to save others. That's the guts of the show, right there. For the others? I favor the angel, actually, Miranda's abduction, and the memetic invasion. We all want to do the 'Aleph as agent' issue, we just have to take the time to set it up properly. I'd love to do the bionic man. It's just so subversive, and it would actually tie in a new character from the pilot. But we'll see." "

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