RE: "viral marketing" on Radio 4

From: Alan Patrick (
Date: Mon 07 Jun 2004 - 16:15:17 GMT

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    > The last time I discussed viral marketing with a
    > colleague- about 4 years or
    > so ago now- I was under the impression that viral
    > marketing was an attempt
    > to tap into/generate the kinds of bottom-up
    > commercial successes of things
    > like the hush puppie revival (that Gladwell talks
    > about in the tipping
    > point) or the Blair Witch Project phenomenon by
    > identifying opinion leaders
    > within a target demographic and marketing to them
    > directly (i.e. not through
    > mass media).

    Ah...but is a Pyramid scheme (sorry, Multi level marketing scheme) not merely adding an inducive cash payment at the point of the viral transaction?


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