Invitation to participate in the 5th International Workshop on Memetic

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    This may be of interest to list members... as the page says:

    Memetic algorithms (MAs) are evolutionary algorithms (EAs) that apply a separate local search process to refine individuals (e.g. improve their fitness by hill-climbing). These methods are inspired by models of adaptation in natural systems that combine evolutionary adaptation of populations of individuals with individual learning within a lifetime. Additionally, MAs are inspired by Richard Dawkin's concept of a meme, which represents a unit of cultural evolution that can exhibit local refinement. Thus a memetic model of adaptation exhibits the plasticity of individuals that a strictly genetic model fails to capture.

    > From: "Natalio Krasnogor" <>
    > Subject: Invitation to participate in the 5th International Workshop on Memetic
    > Algorithms
    > Please accept this brief e-mail as an invitation to participate in the
    > 5th International Workshop on Memetic Algorithms (WOMA V)
    > The next international Workshop on Memetic Algorithms (WOMA-V), will be
    > the fifth in a series of workshops dedicated exclusively to Memetic
    > Algorithms and will take place in conjunction with PPSN 2004 in
    > Birmingham UK on Saturday 18 September 2004
    > ( The WOMA series is a forum where
    > the international community of researchers, practitioners and vendors,
    > that work on aspects related to memetic algorithms, can engage in
    > fruitful discussions, learning, research and where they can contribute
    > to the advancement of this field. In previous occasions WOMA was
    > co-located with GECCO 2000 in Las Vegas-USA, GECCO 2001 in San
    > Francisco-USA, PPSN VII in Granada-Spain and with GECCO 2003 in
    > Chicago-USA.

    For more information please visit:


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